drawing mixed media wood in progress snow bronze digital bio


george farbotko  

The summer before I started college in Indiana, I was parking cars at a Long Island, New York country club. One day a young couple that had spoken to me occasionally and knew I was going to study art suggested that I meet a local sculptor they knew. So, a week later I met Herb N. Arnold, a sculptor and real estate entrepreneur. He showed me his work made from found objects, and then we sat in his office and he asked me what I wanted to do with my education. He told me he found it advantageous to have two professions. That way he could rely on a steady income and still be able to work freely on his creative ideas. The trick was to find a balance that made you happy.

He had an exterior wall of his studio that had a sculptural relief on it. As I left that day, he suggested that I take a piece of wood and add to the sculpture. It was a work that constantly changed by the people he met.

That long ago meeting has impacted my own path as a sculptor and business owner. I continue to learn new things daily and explore creative avenues in all aspects of living.


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